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Welcome to College Readiness Orbit!

  • The Orbit initiative seeks to impact students through comprehensive college experiences and building supportnetworks that enhance intellectual Orbit Logoand social engagement, ultimately increasing matriculation into personalized education pathways. 

    We aim to do this by focusing on 3 main pillars: 

    • Campus Connections   
    • Building Success Skills
    • Alumni Support

    Building out programming in these 3 pillars will strengthen the understanding of the college application and enrollment process while building the self-advocacy and success skills necessary for students to navigate to and through college. 

"Are You Ready For College??"

  • "Are You Ready For College?"

Orbit: Blast into Your Future

  • Real Talk with College Students

  • Exploring College Majors and Linking them to Careers

  • Reality Check: Living the Lifestyle You Want

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  • Trina Harmon-Wright
    Director, College Readiness
    713-967-5231 (office) 
    713-967-7236 (fax)

    Samantha Brusnighan
    Manager, Orbit
    713-967-5231 (office) 
    713-967-7236 (fax)