McGraw Hill and Lessonbee Health Links (for public review)

  • McGraw Hill has submitted middle school and high school health books to HISD for consideration. However, these health books from McGraw Hill were not submitted to the State for review and adoption. Therefore, the TEA site does not have links to the materials for the public to review.

    The HISD community can still review the materials by using the link and access credentials below. Texas Glencoe Health 2022 is for the high school courses, and Texas Teen Health 2022 is for the middle school courses. The healthy relationships and sexuality components are offered separately to accommodate parent permission for student participation. Access credentials are the same for all the resources. 

    1. Go to:
    2. User Name:  TexasHealth2021
    3. Password:  MHEhealth21


    Lessonbee has removed access to its middle school health education materials from the TEA site. However, the HISD community can still review Lessonbee's materials using these credentials:

    1. Go to:
    2. User Name:  texasreview
    3. Password:  $h98!job