Guidelines/Acknowledgements for Conducting Research

  • We, at HISD, are dedicated to our core values of having an effective teacher in every classroom, an effective principal in every school, and a rigorous set of instructional standards. In order to achieve these ideals, high quality program evaluations and research must be done to discover how to most optimally educate our students.

    The HISD Department of Research and Accountability strives to promote the continuous improvement of our systems to inform program and policy decisions. However, our top priority is protecting student and staff privacy consistent with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), state privacy laws, district policy, and privacy best practices. In order to ensure that the privacy, safety, health, and welfare of research subjects are adequately protected, district policy requires that a research committee review and approve all requests to conduct research.

    **HISD is currently not accepting research applications from external entities while we work to refine some data governance and research practices internally in the interest of our students. Staff member applications will still be accepted and considered**.   

    The documents attached are important to the research proposal process, and we highly recommend reading all of them thoroughly. An alternate portal to the files can be found here.

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