• Conducting Research in HISD

    At HISD, we are committed to upholding our core values, which encompass the placement of effective teachers in every classroom, effective principals in every school, and the implementation of rigorous instructional standards. In pursuit of these ideals, it is imperative to engage in high-quality program evaluations and research to identify innovative approaches to educating our students.

    The HISD Department of Assessment, Accountability, and Compliance is dedicated to fostering continuous improvement within our education eco-systems to guide program and policy decisions. Our foremost concern, however, remains the protection of student and staff privacy, in strict accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), state privacy laws, district policy, and industry best practices. To ensure comprehensive safeguarding of research subjects' privacy, safety, health, and overall well-being, district policy mandates that all research requests undergo thorough review and approval by an internal review board (IRB).

    Please review Guidelines for Conducting Research Handbook prior to submitting your application.

    Proposal Submission Timeline

    Applications for research proposals requiring primary data collection involving students, teachers, and administrators for the upcoming or current school year must be submitted on or before due dates outlined in table below.

    External research requests will only be accepted by the following submission deadlines:


    Due Dates

    Target for Data Collection


    February 15th to March 15th

    Upcoming Summer or Later


    June 15th to July 15th

    Upcoming Fall Semester or Later


    October 15th to November 15th

    Upcoming Spring Semester or Later

    Requests submitted outside of these windows and incomplete requests will not be considered.  Failure to respond to requests from the HISD IRB within 2 weeks will result in closure of the research proposal. You may resubmit in the next window.