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    Student and teacher high-fiving in class


    Empowering Students Beyond the Bell: Our After School Programs provide a nurturing environment where students explore their passions, build essential skills, and develop into well-rounded individuals. Through engaging activities and personalized support, we aim to inspire curiosity, foster creativity, and enhance academic achievement.


    Cultivating Bright Futures After Hours: Our vision is to create a vibrant after school community that celebrates diversity, embraces innovation, and empowers every student to thrive. By offering a dynamic range of experiences, we envision students developing into lifelong learners and discovering their potential to become future leaders.

     Our Why

    The After School Programs Department empowers students to realize their potential and change the world.

    Our Purpose

    The After School Programs Department strives to offer participating students both academic support in core subjects (High-Impact Tutoring (HIT), and homework assistance) and enrichment opportunities (STEAM, karate, dance, photography, fitness, culinary etc.) during out-of-school time hours to promote academic and developmental success.