After School Programs

      Afterschool Centers on Education (ACE) Grant-Funded

    ace Texas Ace: funded by the Texas Education Agency, this program fosters students's academic success by improving attendance, behavior, and academics. designed to prepare students of all ages for the workforce and higher education after graduation. Please click here for a list of 2018-19 schools

      After School Achievement Program (Grant- Funded)
    After School Achievement Program: subsidized by the City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department, this program serves children age 5-14, and participating schools set their own curricula with input from parents, students, teachers, and partners. Please click here for a list of 2018-19 schools



    Case for Kids (Grant-Funded)
                                       Case for kids: a division of the Harris County Department of Education, CASE supports the promotion of social and emotional learning skills andincrehcde ased  numeracy and literacy development. Please click here for a list of 2018-19 schools


    School-Based Programs

    School-Based Programs are managed by the school or a third party entity offering services on the campus. All programs require registration and most charge fees for students to participate. Please click here for a list of these schools and their contact information.            

     School-Based Programs