Community Partnerships – Overview

    Community Partnerships works with the community, corporations, higher education, institutions, chambers of commerce, industry-specific groups, local support groups and nonprofit organizations to jointly identify the most pressing and immediate needs in specific targeted areas. These areas include but are not limited to:
    • Community Contests
    • Donations
    • Partnership Hall of Fame
    • Community Development
    • Fine Arts
    • Health/Housing
    • Maritime Academy
    • Professional Sports Organizations
    • Speakers Bureau
    • STEM 

Contact Us

  • Houston Independent School District
    Strategic Partnerships
    4400 West 18th Street
    Level I, SE
    Houston, Texas 77092-8501
    Telephone: 713-556-7200

    Fax: 713-556-7243
    Caleen Allen
    General Manager

    Rose Y. Adams 
    Senior Manager of Community Partnerships
    Partnership Liaison