How to Partner with HISD

  • Why become a partner with HISD?

    Partners are important to HISD and Houston. By helping our students to succeed, partners help our city to prosper. Start your partnership with HISD by completing the Partner Intake Form. Partnerships help HISD provide Houston's children with both a top-quality education and a world-class city. Partners can make a big difference in students' lives by providing role models, helping increase the graduation rate, and taking part in preparing the next generation to be a top-quality work force. Partnerships are mutually beneficial relationships between schools and their partners. These partnerships provide benefits to the students, school, and partner in the following ways:

    Benefits for the Partner

    a Assisting students
            to achieve

    a Sharing knowledge and

    a Providing active support for
    quality education

    a Knowing that you are
            needed and wanted


    Benefits for the Students

    a Enriched learning

    a Additional personalized

    a Learning reinforcement

    a Positive adult role models


    Benefits for the School

    a Improved student achievement,
    attitude, and behavior

    a Community support

    a Additional services without extra

    a Released teacher time to provide
    additional instructional time


     Please Note: If your partnership activity is NFL-related or related to the Super Bowl LI, please complete Partner Intake Form II. Thanks!

    How do partnerships work?

    Virtually every HISD school is in partnership with its community through the Volunteers in Public Schools or the Community Engagement programs. Each partnership depends upon the needs of the respective school and its partner’s capacity to share resources. The usual steps for forming partnerships are:

    • Identify your group’s/company’s resources and/or areas of expertise that may be shared with a school or the district.
    • Complete the Partner Intake Form and contact the Strategic Partnerships office at 713-556-7200 to schedule a meeting to discuss your interest in forming a partnership with a school.
    • After the initial conference,we will offer suggestions for partnership activities and for matching the group/business with an appropriate school/department(for districtwide efforts) if the group/company has not already done so.
    • Meet with the administrator of the selected school/department and discuss the school’s needs.
    • Proposal of partnership activities will be reviewed and consensus reached by partner and the district.
    • Employees are recruited to volunteer, if necessary.
    • Company liaison is selected and responsible for coordinating the partnership.
    • Volunteer orientation takes place at the company with tips for tutors, mentorship training, administrative procedures, scheduling, etc.
    • Volunteers and teachers meet at the school to discuss activities, schedules, and students.
      End-of-year evaluation of the partnership completed by partner.

    What partnership activities are needed?
    There are many services that partnerships provide at individual schools, within vertical teams and/or geographic areas and administrative districts, and throughout the district. Partners agree to provide resources or skills in a particular area of expertise. This can include volunteers and/or financial and in-kind resources. Within individual schools, partnership services may include the following:

    • Tutoring/mentoring for students and adults - academic assistance, career counseling, job-seeking skills, role models, literacy programs, and parenting skills
    • Incentives for students and faculty - academic and attendance recognition, self-esteem, and conduct awards
    • Speakers - role models, career resources, and community resources
    • Donations - in-kind services and funding for programs, instructional materials, school improvements, and special events
    • Enrichment - contest judging, staff development, special events, internships, and field trips
    • Expertise on school improvement issues - training and workshops on strategic planning, flexible budgeting, team building, and technology
    • Professional translators - translate administration and school-based information from English into the languages of Houston's various community/parent populations.

    How do I find out more information about who handles what in HISD or a particular school, including location, demographics, student population etc.?

    Visit any of the links below: