Bilingual/English as a Second Language

  • Operating under Texas Education Agency guidelines, HISD features instructional programs tailored to every student's particular needs and interests. Offerings encompass administrative leadership and support for Bilingual and English as a Second Language education and alternative language programs for all students who have been identified as emergent bilingual students (EBs) and/or immigrant, migrant and refugee students.

    To ensure that these students successfully graduate from high school and are prepared to attend the post-secondary option of their choice, comprehensive and proactive programming and compliance systems have been institutionalized.  
    HISD offers three program models for emergent bilingual students. Detailed descriptions can be found in Elementary Program Models and Secondary Program Models.
    For elementary students, the district currently offers Spanish Transitional Bilingual and Dual Language programs, a Mandarin Chinese Immersion, an Arabic Immersion, and a French Immersion program as well as English as a Second Language (ESL) programs for speakers of other languages.
    Secondary schools offer ESL/Sheltered English and Sheltered Content programs for EBs in grades 6-12. Bilingual programs are also offered at designated Dual Language schools.