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  • Multilingual Programs

    The Multilingual Programs Department is committed to providing supplemental support to campuses to address Emergent Bilingual students' instructional needs. Multilingual area office teams offer additional support to students, parents, teachers, and campus leadership teams to ensure learning continues and is uninterrupted. 

Virtual Learning Programs

  • HISD Virtual Academy

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Parent Events

  • The Multilingual Office will host their annual parent informational meeting: Launch your Dream: A World of Opportunities for Diverse Learners on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023. The event offers HISD families and community members an opportunity to learn from educational experts on topics related to various opportunities offered to students. Join us as we partner with HISD's School of Choice from 5pm to 8pm at Austin High School. Transportation will be available for FREE from three locations.

Parent Resources

  • TEA

    The Texas Education Agency (TEA) English Learner Support Division has compiled a variety of helpful websites to support families with English learners at home. Click the links below to learn more.

Parent Guides

  •  Guide for Parents of ELLs
    Guide for Parents of English Language LearnersOperating under Texas Education Agency guidelines, HISD features instructional programs tailored to every student's particular needs and interests.
    ILABS Bilingual Language Learning in Children: Infants who experience two languages from birth typically become native speakers of both, while adults often struggle with second language learning and rarely attain native-like fluency. 
    Ready Rosie Español    ReadyRosie: HISD is providing parents with a FREE subscription to ReadyRosie, an interactive tool that provides daily activities for adults to do with children ages 0 to 6. The activities are simple, take about two minutes, and help prepare children for success in school.

Dual Language Research