Common sense is important, too

  • Another aspect of being prepared is simply to exercise common sense. In working with the media, you, as an HISD employee, should always remain composed, courteous, and thoroughly professional. Here are a few tips that will ensure good relations with media representatives.

    • Respect reporters’ deadlines. Be sure to contact the Media Relations Department to return their calls as soon as possible.
    • Be truthful, be accurate, and keep it simple. Get right to the point, and keep your statements brief, especially for broadcast media.
    • Be confident. Remember, you are a seasoned professional in your own right. If you are composed and straightforward, reporters will respect your authority and appreciate your cooperation.
    • Let the HISD Media Relations Department personnel help you. They are communications specialists with wide experience in the different news media, and they are personally acquainted with the media representatives. They work closely with them every day. Contact department personnel ahead of time, and let them arrange all coverage of a given event for you.