Nutritional Information

  • HISD Nutrition Services takes great care in planning menus that meet the nutritional needs of our students.

    We strive to serve healthy schools meals following established strategies for menu planning and preparation as it relates to optimal nutrition:

    • increase whole grains
    • increase offerings of dark green/orange fruits & vegetables
    • increase offerings of legumes
    • increase fiber
    • increase variety in fruit & vegetables offered
    • reduce sodium
    • increase calcium
    • decrease processed foods
    • eliminate trans fats
    • decrease sugar

    The HISD Food Service Support Facility, with its state-of-the-art cooking and warehousing facility, allows our team to prepare more consistent, high quality, and nutritious meals. The menus feature whole grain bakery items, a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, breakfast entrees and of course your student’s traditional favorites produced with fresh ingredients and little to no preservatives.

    Email our nutritionists for more information.

Carbohydrate Counts