• <strong>Accounts Payable</strong>

    Accounts Payable

    The primary purpose of the Accounts Payable area is to process vendor payments for the District in a timely manner.

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  • <strong>Capital Projects</strong>

    Capital Projects

    Capital Project Accounting provides financial accounting and reporting for the District’s ongoing construction projects. Contracts from Construction Services that are authorized by the Board of Education are appropriated and encumbered.

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  • <strong>Enterprise</strong>


    Enterprise accounting consists of Food Service, Business Development and Medicaid Finance.

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  • <strong>General Accounting</strong>

    General Accounting

    The General Fund is the District's principal fund, accounting for the majority of current operating expenditures.

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  • <strong>Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC)</Strong>

    Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC)

    GRC department collaborates with the Information Technology department to maintain and oversee HISD’s financial compliance activities related to segregation of duties and audit team interactions.

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  • <strong>Internal Service</strong>

    Internal Service

    Internal Service Accounting manages funds for the Print Shop, Health Insurance, Worker's Compensation and the general Internal Service Fund.

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  • <strong>Payroll</strong>


    The Payroll Department processes payroll every other week for the Houston Independent School District.

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  • <strong>Fixed Assets Accounting</strong>

    Fixed Assets Accounting

    Fixed Assets Accounting handles the acquisition, retirement, and disposal of all land, building, equipment, vehicles and furniture in the District with a unit value of $500 or more and a useful life of two years or more.

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  • <strong>Special Revenue</strong>

    Special Revenue

    Special Revenue accounts for all designated-purpose monies received in the form of federal, state or local grants.

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  • <strong>Treasury</strong>


    The day-to-day management of the District’s cash and investment position is the responsibility of the Chief Financial Officer, the Controller and the Treasurer, who have been designated by the Board as the District’s investment officers.

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