• Elementary Social Studies
    • Grades K-5 Social Studies, Studies Weekly, English and Spanish, American Legacy


    Adopted Secondary Social Studies Digital resources:

    • Grades 6-12 Social Studies courses: Active Classroom, Social Studies School Service
    • US History: US History TechBook, Discovery Ed


    For Advanced Placement courses:

    • AP Human Geography: Human Geography: People, Place and Culture, 12th edition, Wiley and Sons
    • AP World History: Ways of the World 2nd edition, BFW
    • AP United States History: America’s History, 8th edition, BFW
    • AP Macroeconomics and Microeconomics: Krugman’s Economics for AP, BFW
    • AP United States Government: Government in America, Pearson
    • AP Psychology: Psychology, AP® ed., Pearson