About Risk Management

  • The Risk Management Department is dedicated to the effective identification and management of HISD’s exposures to risk. The Risk Management Teams listed below work together to achieve this goal.

    Safety and Emergency Management

    The Safety and Emergency Management team administers a comprehensive safety, loss prevention, and emergency management program. They provide training and work with our campuses to establish individualized campus safety programs. The Safety and Loss Control Team also conducts intruder drills as well as fire and safety inspections. These services are compliant with the requirements of state law commonly referred to as Senate Bill 11.

    Environmental Consulting Services

    The Environmental Consulting Services Team investigates environmental concerns as identified by staff, students and the community. This Team also provides the consultation services required by state and federal law in support of the asbestos abatement projects conducted by the HISD Construction and Facility Services Department.


    In order to reduce HISD’s exposure to catastrophic losses, the Insurance Team negotiates and manages the district’s property and casualty insurance, striving to obtain the best coverage possible at the lowest cost. They are actively involved in claims administration and manage the district's Self Insurance Recovery Fund (SRF).