Overview of the Combined Charities Campaign

  • HISD employees are known for their generosity. Every October, the Houston Independent School District kicks off its annual Combined Charities Campaign. HISD is one of the largest employers in our region, and area nonprofit organizations hope for HISD employees' continued generosity to assist them in maintaining critical services in our community, state, and nation. 

    We promote informed giving. This site has links to many important pieces of information to aid you in making your pledge decision and ensure the privacy of your donation. 

    Federations are umbrella groups that represent similar charities. They join together to keep administrative and fundraising expenses to a minimum.

    HISD chose to include federations in its annual giving campaigns to offer employees the broadest range of charities to which they can contribute. Most nonprofits do not have the staff and resources to seek out and participate in large payroll giving campaigns. Federations qualify their charities to ensure best practices and lowest overhead. Federations then offer their lists of charities to employee groups that might not have heard of the charities' tremendous accomplishments. Through federations' participation in planning, publications, kickoff events, training, and processing of contributions, HISD is able to achieve its campaign goals year after year. Your contribution has the greatest impact when you donate through federations to reach the thousands of passionate members and their work in the environment, health, science, and human services.

    All pledges and one-time gifts are tax-deductible.