How To Contribute—Easy As 1-2-3

  • 1 Select Charity

    Select a charity for donations by clicking on the charity’s name. The charity will appear in a list box for your review. You may select as many as you like. To make your pledge, click “Continue.”

    2 Payment Options

    You will be able to view your selected charities. Please note: Only charities with contribution amounts will be recorded and processed.

    Pledge/Payment: Select one of the two payment options in the drop-down box for each charity to which you wish to contribute. The amount should be entered in whole dollars with no dollar sign or decimals.

    There is a minimum donation of $2 (two dollars) for each payment option.

    • 26-Payroll Deductions (Option-1)

    By selecting this option, your donation will be deducted on every paycheck in the 2018 calendar year.

    • One-Time Payroll Deduction (Option-2)

    By selecting this option, your full donation will be deducted on your 1/10/18 paycheck (or the payday containing your first earnings of 2018).

    • Pledge Amount

    Place the amount you wish to contribute in the “Amount” box. Your pledge amount is calculated once you click “Update.” A “Grand Total” is calculated at the bottom of the page.

    • No checks or cash are accepted

    3 Review and Submit


    • “I would like a confirmation e-mail sent from HISD.” Check this box to receive an e-mail confirmation from HISD.
    • “I would like a confirmation receipt mailed to me from the charities listed above.” Check this box to receive an acknowledgement from the federation handling payment to your selected charities. Click on “edit address” to update your address.

    Submit Donations

    • Review pledge form and click the “Submit Donations” button. You will automatically see a confirmation page to confirm your participation.


    Note: If you choose not to contribute to the campaign, please select the specified check box on the CCC home page. This information is kept confidential and will not appear in any reports. It is used solely to ensure that all employees have been given the opportunity to participate.