Global Graduate
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    At HISD, our goal is for every student to graduate ready for the world — possessing the characteristics they need to be successful in college and to compete in today’s workforce. HISD must ensure that every school is led by an effective principal who creates an instructional learning environment on their campus that allows students to develop the skills needed to compete in today’s global economy.

    In an effort to transform tier-one instruction that will lead to the development of Global Graduates, HISD has created a leader profile that contains a list of six desired competencies. HISD is committed to ensuring that principals have the resources, professional development, and support needed to develop these competencies.

    Establishes a collective vision of excellence and builds a shared commitment among stakeholders in achieving that vision. Develops a school culture that promotes habit building and inspires behaviors that directly align with the established vision of excellence.
    Data Driven
    Gathers and organizes data from multiple stakeholders. Ensures data is robust, relevant, and systematically utilized to improve practices and impact scholar outcomes.
    Culture Developer
    Creates a strong culture where learning thrives and habits for success are developed.
    Leadership Teams Manager
    Leverages colleagues inside and outside of school to build expertise, share best practices, and foster collaboration across the district. Develops structures to manage and support the school leadership team in delivering on the mission.
    Instructional Planning
    Assures instructional plans afford every scholar rigorous and well-structured lessons that promote intellectual growth, curiosity, collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity.
    Observation & Feedback
    Prioritizes professional development, learning communities, and a consistent feedback cycle to empower staff and improve their craft. Exemplifies a growth mindset and builds capacity among leadership team/colleagues through distributed leadership.