Global Graduate

    In order to ensure that all HISD students are Global Graduates and ready for the world, teachers must provide them access to personalized learning opportunities that will allow them to develop the skills needed to succeed in today’s global economy.

    In an effort to transform instruction, HISD has created a teacher profile that contains a list of six desired competencies to guide teachers through professional learning, support, and development. Leaders in HISD are committed to ensuring that teachers have the resources, professional development, and support needed to develop these competencies.

    Deeper-Learning Cultivator
    Designs learning experiences that develop academic mindsets and foster critical thinking, innovation, and collaboration. Ensures mastery of core academic content through application of knowledge and skills in novel and meaningful contexts.
    Social & Emotional Learning Facilitator
    Creates a learner-centered community with safe and flexible environments to meet the needs of all learners. Develops attitudes and skills of learners to establish and maintain relationships, be empathetic, and make responsible decisions.
    Personalized Learning Architect
    Curates, creates, and collaborates with learners to provide path choices and resources to achieve individual goals. Utilizes strengths and interests of individuals to build knowledge and skills.
    Literacy Developer
    Designs and facilitates learning experiences that develop necessary skills for fluent reading, writing, speaking, and communicating. Develops proficiency in use of technology to create, analyze, and synthesize multimedia to skillfully communicate and collaborate with global audiences for a variety of purposes.
    Lifelong Learner
    Seeks feedback and growth opportunities to develop, lead, and collaborate with all stakeholders. Persists in the continual development of the technical, content, and pedagogical knowledge necessary for teaching diverse learners.
    Data Driven
    Designs and uses multiple forms of data to monitor and adjust learning experiences. Ensures students utilize precise and timely feedback to inform goal-setting and be adaptive and productive learners.