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Contact:, 713-556-6130

The Translation Services Department provides written translations and oral interpretation services (for community meetings) in Arabic, Spanish, and Vietnamese, the languages most commonly spoken by students attending HISD schools and their families. Translation Services also accommodates other foreign languages on an as-needed basis through the use of translation agencies. Schools may not charge parents for the translation and interpreter services.

 Our department translates:

  • Essential school and district forms that parents need to read, complete, and/or respond to.
  • Important school and district letters, newsletters, announcements, etc.
  • School and district handbooks for parents.
  • Any other type of document that district or school personnel consider essential to parents.
  • Documents that are designed to “supplement, not supplant” activities/services 

Some special populations of students require other departments to be involved in translations or interpretations. Below are contacts for those situations:

  • ARD meetings/Students with Special Needs: Please contact The Office of Special Education at 713-556-7025
  • LEP/Migrant Education and Refugee Students: Please contact Multilingual Programs at 713-556-6980