The following resources and activities do not require digital access:

Textbooks/workbooks for middle school students where these resources have been adopted by the district.

Examples of individual activities tiered by course level and based on the standards of communication in the interpersonal, interpretive and presentational modes assigned by the teacher or chosen by the student as enrichment:

  • Students will read printed articles from textbook or other available printed resource and will write what they understood (or write the main idea, synthesis; create a quiz with questions and answers; create crossword puzzle, graphic organizer, Venn diagram, infographic).

  • Students will create an anchor chart about specific topics from the lesson or unit.

  • Students will read and respond to a phone message, e-mail, or text from a friend in the target language about visiting as an exchange student. The focus will be on the themes in the lesson or unit. The friend’s email is created by the teacher. Students will use the e-mail format (date, greeting, body of text, good-bye, signature).

  • Students will create an interactive activity such as a game based on a specific topic from the lesson or unit.

  • Students will record a phone message (length assigned by the teacher) in response to a question about specific topics from the lesson or unit.

  • Students will write an article about a specific topic (example: food, weather, recycling, transportation, at the doctor) in the target language. They will compare the topic in the target culture with their own culture.

  • Students will create a guidebook for people new to Houston, explaining specific details based on the lesson topic.

  • Students will interview family members about a specific topic from the lesson or unit (examples: preferred foods, plan for the future, health, immigration). They will compile in the target language a list with the responses, then will create a visual comparing the results (anchor chart, Venn diagram, or an original).

Topic examples:

- Houston weather in different seasons

- Food in the Houston area

- School (schedule, activities) in the US

- Map and directions to specific places

- Extracurricular activities available for students (athletics, band, clubs, dance, debate)

- Events/entertainment (rodeo, theatre, movies)