Procedures News Media (820.00)

The Media Relations Department shall coordinate news coverage of the school district. The department is responsible for overseeing official communications between the school system and the news media by initiating story ideas as well as facilitating requests for news coverage from media representatives and district personnel.

The Media Relations Department provides assistance to school administrators regarding effective relations with the news media.

The superintendent of schools (or a designee) serves as the primary spokesperson for the district on all matters of districtwide interest. The president of the Board of Education serves as the primary spokesperson for the board. The chief school officers are the primary spokespersons regarding issues related to the schools in his or her individual office. The principal is the primary spokesperson regarding issues related to his or her individual school.

All news conferences and public events of a districtwide nature in which news coverage is requested must be coordinated by or through the Media Relations Department. District personnel should submit story ideas to the Media Relations Department as early as possible prior to the desired coverage date. These items should be submitted by e-mail to: