Naviance For Parents

  • Naviance is available to all HISD students in grades 6-12. Naviance is an online program that allows your student to do many things such as:
    • Explore and apply to colleges and universities
    • Explore and apply to thousands of available scholarships
    • Learn about different career fields
    • Learn about different college events such as college fairs
    • Build a resume
    • Request transcripts for colleges 
    As a parent, you will have access to view your student's gpa, assessment results, favorite colleges and careers, and assigned tasks and goals. You can also receive communications or surveys from your student's advisor or counselor. Please contact your school's counselor or college advisor for an access code create a login for Naviance.
    In order to fully utilize the program, the HISD College Readiness Department has created video tutorials on Naviance's many features. We highly encourage you to watch the videos listed below and reach out to the counselor or college access coordinator at your student's school if you need additional information or help.

Parent Video Tutorials

Title Description Link
Logging into and navigating Naviance Family Connection Learn how to log into and navigate Naviance Family Connection Watch Now
Finding your student's academic records Learn how to find your student's academic records Watch Now
Viewing and sending messages in Naviance Learn how to view and send messages in Naviance Watch Now
Doing a college search Learn how to do a college search Watch Now
Searching for scholarships Learn how to search for scholarships Watch Now
Naviance Student Overview Get the opportunity to review navigation via a mobile device and access a foundational tour of each of the Naviance Student sections. The video has interactive navigation throughout, allowing you to control your watching experience. Watch Now

Naviance Family Connection Website Search

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  • Attucks Middle School
  • Austin High School
  • Bellaire High School
  • Black Middle School
  • Briarmeadow Middle School
  • Burbank Middle School
  • Carnegie Vanguard High School
  • CEP Beechnut
  • Challenge Early College H S
  • Chavez High School
  • Clifton Middle School
  • Cullen Middle School
  • Davis High School
  • Deady Middle School
  • Dowling Middle School
  • East Early College High School
  • Eastwood Academy
  • Edison Middle School
  • Energized for E-STEM West
  • Energized for STEM Academy
  • Energized For STEM Academy West Middle School
  • Energy Institute High School
  • E-STEM Academy Central Middle School
  • Fleming Middle School
  • Fondren Middle School
  • Fonville Middle School
  • Forest Brook Middle
  • Furr High School
  • Grady Middle School
  • Gregory-Lincoln Middle School
  • Hamilton Middle School
  • Harper Alternative School
  • Hartman Middle School
  • HCC Lifeskills
  • High School Ahead Academy
  • High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice (HSLECJ)
  • High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA)
  • Hogg Middle School
  • Holland Middle School
  • Hope Academy Charter School
  • Houston Academy for International Studies
  • Jackson Middle School
  • Johnston Middle School
  • Jones High School
  • Jordan High School
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Kashmere High School
  • Key Middle School
  • Lamar High School
  • Lanier Middle School
  • Las Americas Middle School
  • Lee High School
  • Liberty High School
  • Long Middle School
  • M.C. Williams Middle School
  • Madison High School
  • Marshall Middle School
  • McReynolds Middle School
  • Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions
  • Milby High School
  • Mount Carmel Academy
  • North Forest High School
  • North Houston Early College High School
  • Ortiz Middle School
  • Patrick Henry Middle School
  • Pershing Middle School
  • Pilgrim Academy
  • Pin Oak Middle School
  • Project Chrysalis Middle School
  • Pro-Vision School
  • Reach Charter School
  • Reagan High School
  • Revere Middle School
  • Rusk School
  • Ryan Middle School
  • Sam Houston Center for Math, Science & Technology
  • Scarborough High School
  • Sharpstown High School
  • Sharpstown International School
  • South Early College High School
  • Sterling High School
  • Stevenson Middle School
  • Sugar Grove Middle School
  • T.H Rogers School
  • Texas Connections Academy
  • The Rice School
  • Thomas Middle School
  • Vision Academy High School
  • Waltrip High School
  • Washington High School
  • Welch Middle School
  • West Briar Middle School
  • Westbury High School
  • Westside High School
  • Wheatley High School
  • William Wharton Dual Language Academy
  • Woodrow Wilson Montessori
  • Woodson Elementary and Middle School PK-8
  • Worthing High School
  • Yates High School
  • Young Mens College Prep
  • Young Womens College Prep