Response to Intervention (RtI)

  • Response to Intervention (RtI) is a way for schools to support all students, including students who may show signs of being struggling learners. Response to Intervention allows students to have their instructional needs met at a level appropriate for their skills and abilities. The ultimate goal for all students in the Houston Independent School District is to be successful. The RtI approach helps campuses and their students work toward achieving that goal. For more information on RtI, click here.

Child Find

  • Child Find (34 CFR § 300.111 Child Find) refers to a federal law that requires that evaluations of children suspected of having a disability are not delayed or denied. If a student is suspected of having a disability, the student should be referred for evaluation for special education services. The evaluation process supersedes the RtI model for students that need evaluation. HISD has systems in place to locate, evaluate, and identify students with disabilities transitioning from Early Childhood Agencies (ECI) and those ages 3 to 21. If you suspect that your child has a disability, please contact your child's school or Evaluation Services. 

    To contact a member of the Houston Independent School District Child Find leadership team, click here.

RTI to IAT Flowchart

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