Section 504
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  • What is Section 504?

  • Do you suspect your child is eligible for Section 504?

  • How is eligibility determined?

  • Service Plan / Accommodations

  • Due Process Rights

  • Will your child be out for 4 weeks or more? What is the Homebound criteria?

  • Is your child enrolled in a private school or home-schooled?

  • Parent Resources

  • Director
    Cynthia Teagle


    Houston ISD
    Interventions Department
    4400 West 18th Street
    Houston, TX 77092

    Telephone: 713-556-7122

    Central Division Support: April Mooney and Laura Nicoloff

    North Division Support: Natalie Pruitt and Michael Fowler

    West Division Support: Karen Dixon and Peggy Causey

    South Division Support: Dr. LaDora Matthews and Cherry Peipelman