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What is Level UP?

  • Level Up is an accelerated overage program that is designed to close academic performance gaps by addressing students’ specific skill deficits while empowering them to return to their original cohorts. The target audience is 2nd through 4th grade students who are overage for grade and who aim for mid-year promotion. Our Level Up goal is to provide intervention supports that will assist with academic skills deficits and reduce the risks of academic retention. The Level Up Implementation Model can be delivered through a scheduled Intervention Block, a blended learning approach, tutoring, or an after-school/before-school program. Elementary leaders have the adaptability, flexibility, and responsibility to design the program 
    to fit eligible overage student’s needs.


    • Partnership with various Instructional Management Systems (IMS) will ensure accountability, differentiated instruction, and progress monitoring.
    • Motivation strategies will help students with their self-esteem and self-confidence.
    • Collaboration with area offices, principals, and campus coordinators.
  • Level UP Program Guidelines

    Student Criteria

    • Must be a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th that have been retained at least one academic year
    • Must maintain a 70 or above average in all subject areas 
    • Must be enrolled in an intervention block
    • Must have satisfactory attendance
    • Must have a signed parent/guardian agreement form

    Campus Criteria

    • Must select an overage campus coordinator
    • Must attend Level Up Professional Development
    • Must hold a parent/guardian Level Up campus orientation
    • Must track, monitor, and document student progress
    • Utilize the Cumulative Learning Profile (CLPs) to track students’ learning
    • Must hold Grade Placement Committee meetings prior to mid-year promotions
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