• From your Counselors
    to You! 
    The Counseling Department at Burbank Middle School is made up of four dedicated professionals who strive to give our students the best possible help with their counseling needs. Whether it is a schedule tailored to the student's academic requirements, advice regarding a high school or career choice, or coping with stress in their lives, our counselors are ready to lend a hand.
    Even though all counselors help all our students, each grade level has an assigned counselor to take care of their specific needs: 
    6th Grade Ms. Frances Cortina
    7th Grade Mrs. Carmen Porras
    8th Grade Ms. Takeshia Johnson
    L-R:  Carmen Porras, Frances Cortina, Carlos Martinez, Takeshia Johnson
    We also have an additional counselor, Mr. Carlos Martinez, to take care specifically of our at-risk students. We feel strongly that monitoring and giving assistance in a timely manner is key for the success of our at-risk students. We also have a Project Explore Advisor, Ms. Michelle Martinez, who is here to help our students with their career choices. To learn more about it, please click Project Explore.
    Counseling covers many areas in a student's life, so the counselors have put together this section to address an area of interest at a time. Please come back to see what helpful information is available each month.