Burbank has started the POWER of character initiative to create harmony and excitement within the school atmosphere, elements that are basic for inspiring students to pursue academic excellence. A new character word will be presented every week and students are expected to practice them every day in and outside school. This month we will be practicing respect, sincerity, courtesy and dedication.


    When you treat someone with respect, you interact with them in a way that shows that you care about their well-being and how they feel. When you respect someone, you treat them kindly and use good manners. You act like this..... 

    **Say Hello and Goodbye**Say Thank You/Please/Excuse Me**Be On Time**Wait Your Turn**Ask Before Using/Moving**Don't Interrupt Or Yell**

    **Don't Swear**Don't Embarrass Others**

    Open your heart to good manners

    Sometimes RESPECT means doing things for them or listening to their instructions. 

    You show respect when you show consideration for others. This very important quality makes it possible for you to disagree with others in a positive and productive way. You respect yourself when you are aware that others may have a different opinion from yours. This is an especially challenging thing to do because many times we let our emotions dictate our actions. So before you say something disrespectful and in anger to someone,

    Think before you speak

    Be aware of other people's feelings and you will know the meaning of respect!