All of us have to take tests during our school years. Later on, as adults, many professions will also require testing for certification purposes. It would be a good idea for us to see what we can do to do well on any test.
    study tips  
    Before we can take a test successfully, we need to prepare.  Studying is a process that we do at school and at home. These are some tips to make your studying more efficient and productive:
    1- Pay attention and participate in class. The more you participate and are active in your learning, the more you will remember later on.
    2- Ask questions if you don't understand. If you learn something incorrectly the first time, it will be harder to learn it correctly later on. Ask your questions as soon as possible!
    3- Do your homework right away, when things are fresh in your memory. Homework helps "fix" the information in your brain!
    4- Find a quiet place to study. If you surround yourself with too many interesting things, they will distract you and take away from your concentration and ability to focus.
    5- Attend tutorials if they're available to you. Take advantage of every opportunity to review!
    Remember: Procrastination is not your friend!
    Procrastination, or leaving things for later, makes it harder to keep up with your studies. If you do your studying every day, you will find that you don't need to study too much the day before a test.
    Work piling up
    All you would need to do is review what you already know. Because,
    Cramming for a test is not productive!
    Studying a little bit every day is better than trying to study everything the night before the test. There are many reasons for this.
    1- It's easier to learn and remember small bits of information at a time. When you study a little bit every day you are developing your memory skills and building your knowledge.
    2- When you see the large amount of things you need to learn, it increases your anxiety which many times is an obstacle to learning. 
    3- As you get more anxious you also get frustrated and feel like quitting! 
    Procrastinating creates stress
    What to do the night before a test
    1- Eat a good, healthy meal.
    2- Relax! Do some mild exercising, ride your bike, or watch a funny movie. Do something amusing and fun that will help you relax.
    Two students riding bikes
    3- Get a good night's sleep. Make sure that you are well-rested.
    4- Have the next day's clothes out, all set and ready for you in the morning. 
    The Day of the Test
    1- Get up early so you can be ready to start with plenty of time. Being late only adds stress and anxiety!
    2- Have a good breakfast. You need lots of energy for the work you're going to do!
    3- When you get your test, look it over completely and do the easy questions first. Once you've done the easy ones, you can go back and take your time with the others.
    4- Stay focused! Use the strategies your teachers taught you. Rely on your memory and your ability to do a good job! 
    5- Have a positive attitude. You got this!
    Girl testing I can Boy testing happily

    Frances Cortina
    Lead Counselor
    Burbank Middle School