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    Is it important to have goals? Do you have goals? How do you go about achieving your goals? These are questions we should be considering this month.
    In soccer, a goal is when a player scores. It is the most desired outcome of the team’s efforts. It is difficult to obtain and therefore greatly celebrated by the entire team and its fans. Outside of sports, a goal has a very similar definition because it is “the object of a person’s ambition or effort”. 
    When you have a goal, you have direction in your life. You are motivated and make progress. Your actions have a purpose and you know where to focus your efforts. If you do not take action, then all you do is dream. You plan your actions according to your goal in order to make it happen. Therefore, taking action is the main difference between having a goal and just having a dream. 

    Goal = Dream + Action Steps + Target Date

    Goal Steps
    Planning your actions is known as “goal setting”. You decide what you want, determine what obstacles there are to getting what you want, and plan what you need to do to overcome the obstacles and obtain your goal. It’s important also to give yourself a time frame in which to achieve your goal.
    To sum up, these are the four Key Components of Goal-Setting: 
    1- Why do I want it? This is the Challenge. There is a desire or challenge facing you. You have a dream!
    2- What do I want? The Goal- Define and/or determine what you want to achieve. 
    3- How will I get it? Break down your goal into Action Steps. Determine what to do first, second, and third.
    4- When do I want it? This Target Date specifies the time you give yourself to reach your goal.
    After you have set your goal it is very important to write it all down: your Goal, Action Steps, and Target Date. Be sure to write your Action Steps using positive, action-oriented words like I CAN and I WILL. Read your goal every day to remind you of what you need to do and to keep your determination fresh. Stay positive and don’t give up!
    Your Goals
    Takeisha Johnson
    Lead Counselor
    Burbank Middle School