• November
     College and Career Readiness Month 
    With the growing complexity of the world and the increasing demands of the 21st Century workforce, there is little question that all students should graduate from high school fully prepared for college and careers. From an academic perspective, college and career readiness means that a high school graduate has the knowledge and skills in English and mathematics necessary to qualify for and succeed in an entry-level, credit-bearing, post-secondary coursework without the need for remediation. Put in a different way, a high school graduate should be able to handle the requirements in English and mathematics of his or her chosen university, technical or vocational program, apprenticeship, or on-the-job training. At Burbank, we start preparing our students as early as 6th grade by introducing them to different careers and career paths.
    To be college and career ready, middle school students must have a rigorous curriculum grounded in the core academic disciplines but also including other subjects that are part of a well-rounded education such as the arts, physical education, foreign languages, and technology. Academic preparation coupled with enriching electives is clearly an essential part of college and career readiness. 
    Takeisha Johnson
    Lead Counselor
    Burbank Middle School