May- Looking Forward!


    As we approach the end of the school year, many things start coming together. Promotions are on everybody's mind. Eighth graders are looking forward to moving up to high school and sixth and seventh graders are looking forward to moving closer to that goal. There are many test dates rapidly approaching and it's best to keep them in mind. You will find a schedule of all the test dates at the end of this article.

    Another thing to keep in mind is your activities for the end of the year! Eighth Graders can look forward to the 8th  Grade Moving Up Ceremony on June 7th. Eighth grade clusters are already planning the ceremony and celebration activities. They will be sending out an informative letter soon. Sixth and Seventh grade clusters are also planning end-of-year celebration field days, so stay tuned to your cluster's announcements!
    We hope that this year has been a very good one for you. And please remember that your counselors are always here, ready to listen and lend a helping hand!
    Frances Cortina
    Head Counselor
    Burbank Middle School
    JUNE 8, 2022


Test Name Date
8th grade STAAR SCIENCE May 5, 2022
8th grade STAAR SOCIAL STUDIES May 6, 2022
6th & 8th grade STAAR MATH and 8th grade Algebra I May 10, 2022
6th & 8th grade STAAR READING May 11, 2022
7th grade STAAR MATH May 12, 2022
7th grade STAAR READING May 13, 2022
AP SPANISH May 20, 2022
High School Courses finals May 31, 2022