• Literacy

  • With information multiplying at such a fast rate, teachers need to apprentice their students in the literacy of their discipline (Academic Literacy) so that students are equipped with the concepts/skills/understandings needed to acquire, interpret, and process new information when they graduate from Houston Independent School District (HISD) classrooms. As a result of this need, HISD has adopted LITERACY BY 3 for the elementary grades and LITERACY IN THE MIDDLE for our middle school grades.

Literacy Programs

    Literacy By 3

    Literacy by 3 is a districtwide, balanced approach to elementary school literacy with the goal of having every child reading and writing with fluency at or above grade level.   
    Literacy in the Middle

    HISD is building upon the successful work of Literacy By 3 and working to ensure that students at the middle school level are exposed to authentic and purposeful reading, writing, and vocabulary study across all grades and core subject areas.   
    Literacy Empowered

    Focusing on independent reading, writing, and student discourse in a one-to-one classroom environment, Literacy Empowered sets out to implement best practices and resources for the four core classrooms in HISD high schools.  

Literacy Resources

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