• To receive Financial Aid you must complete the FAFSA or TASFA.

    I am a:
    • Citizen or Naturalized Citizen
    • Permanent Resident
    • Refugee or Asylum Granted
    • Child of T-visa or Battered Immigrant
    I am a:
    • Click here to learn more. ">DACA
    • Immigrant Student
    • Students under their parents’ visa

    Frequently Asked Questions   Types of Financial Aid
    Is there really free money for college?
    Colleges, the State of Texas and the Federal Government award grants (free money) based on family income. The only way to know how much you will receive is to complete your FAFSA or TASFA.
    Will I be able to afford college? I hear it costs a lot.
    The great thing about most financial aid is that it is based on your family income. In other words, the less your family can help you pay for college, the more assistance you receive .
    Why is my immigration status important?
    In order to receive federal financial aid (Pell Grant and Stafford Loan) you must be a citizen or permanent resident. Students under a T-visa or who qualify as a Battered Immigrant also qualify for federal financial aid. DACA, immigrant students, and students under their parents’ visa qualify for Texas Financial Aid, such as the Texas Grant.
    I have a Social Security number but I’m not a FAFSA student. Can I apply for the FAFSA?
    Most Texas public and private colleges require Category 2 students to complete a paper TASFA. Out of state schools and a few Texas colleges require category 2 students to complete a FAFSA. Check with the financial aid office at each college you apply to.
    I would like more information about which immigrant/international high school students qualify for Federal Financial Aid?
    Click “Can I Get Aid”.
    Which visa categories qualify for instate tuition if I have lived in Texas for less than 3 years?

    You and your family can choose from many different types of financial aid. Some are based on financial need, and some on academic performance. Click here to learn about the different types of aid.

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