Training and Access Information

  • TEAL

    TEAL enables users to request secure access to and to manage their user account and profile information for common TEA applications such as:

    • TSDS Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS)
    • TSDS Unique Identification (UID),
    • TSDS/UID Enrollment Tracking (UID/ET)
    • Texas Records Exchange (TREx)


    TSDS Unique ID

    TSDS Unique ID will enable education agencies to create randomly generated unique identifiers to support all the subsystems of TSDS and to provide cleaner longitudinal education data




    Sylvia Guerrero, Student Information and Reporting Analyst
    Direct: 713-556-6773
    Main: 713-556-6753
    Rose Gamboa, Sr. Student Information Representative
    Direct: 713-556-6771
    Main: 713-556-6753
    Irma Hasnain, Sr. Manager
    Direct: 713-556-6759
    Main: 713-556-6753
    Please send faxes to: 713-556-6783