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    • NTB lists have been released. Check the contest pages for more info!


    The Name That Book contest, coordinated  by the HISD Department of Library Services, serves to acquaint HISD students with classic literature as well as contemporary award-winning books, representing a variety of genres.  The district-wide competition is held in the spring.

    Name That Book

    It is wonderful to have a place at school to exchange ideas and discuss incredible books with other students. The books on the Name That Book list really provide something for everyone. They are thought-provoking and challenging, and I have fallen in love with some great books I probably wouldn’t have read if it hadn’t been for Name That Book. I have also made friends that I probably wouldn’t have made if not for Name That Book!”

    -senior student,  High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, and a member of  2009 1st place high school team.

    Watch the demonstration video below to see the contest in action.




    Contest dates and Book lists:

    K-2 - Mid February TBD

    K-2 2020-2021 Titles


    3-6 - Late February TBD

    3-6 2020-2021 Titles


    Middle School - March TBD

    Middle School - 2020-21 Titles


    High School - March TBD

    High School - 2020-21 Titles


    Meet the Winners:

    2019-2020 K-2 Name That Book Winners



    2019-2020 3-6 Name that Book Winners
    1st Place: Bush ES 2nd Place: Condit ES 3rd Place: Horn ES
    bush finals condit 2nd finals  horn 3rd finals


    2019-2020 Middle School Name That Book Winners

    1st Place: Rogers MS 2nd Place: Garden Oaks 3rd Place: West Briar MS
    rogers ms 2020 garden oaks 2020 west briar ms 2020  


    2019-2020 High School Name That Book Winners

    1st Place: Carnegie HS 2nd Place: Kinder HSPVA 3rd Place: Bellaire HS
     carnegie1st2020 hspva2020 bellaire 3rd