• The Name That Book contest, coordinated  by the HISD Department of Library Services, serves to acquaint HISD students with classic literature as well as contemporary award-winning books, representing a variety of genres.  The district-wide competition is held in the spring.

    NTB logo It is wonderful to have a place at school to exchange ideas and discuss incredible books with other students. The books on the Name That Book list really provide something for everyone. They are thought-provoking and challenging, and I have fallen in love with some great books I probably wouldn’t have read if it hadn’t been for Name That Book. I have also made friends that I probably wouldn’t have made if not for Name That Book!”

    -senior student,  High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, and a member of  2009 1st place high school team.

    Watch the demonstration video below to see the contest in action.




    Contest dates and Book lists:

    K-2 - February 17th - February 25th

    K-2 2019-2020 Titles


    3-6 - February 26th - March 5th (Finals - March 11th)

    3-6 2019-2020 Titles


    Middle School - March 6th - March 9th (Finals - March 12th)

    MS 2019-2020 Titles


    High School - March 9th - March 10th (Finals - March 12th)

    HS 2019-2020 Titles


    Meet the Winners:

    2018-2019 K-2 Name That Book Winners



    2018-2019 3-6 Name that Book Winners
    1st Place: Bush ES 2nd Place: TH Rogers ES 3rd Place: Condit ES
    bush2019 rogerses20192020  


    2018-2019 Middle School Name That Book Winners

    1st Place: Rogers MS 2nd Place: Pin Oak MS 3rd Place: West Briar MS
    rogersms20192020 pinoak2019 westbirar2019  


    2018-2019 High School Name That Book Winners

    1st Place: Milby HS 2nd Place: Carnegie HS 3rd Place: DeBakey HSHP
    milby20192020 carnegie2019