• Welcome to the Houston Independent School District's Leadership Academies, where we are dedicated to shaping the future of education through the empowerment of educators. Our academies offer comprehensive training and mentorship for Principal Academy, Assistant Principal Academy, and Teacher Leader Academy.

    Houston ISD Principal Academy

    Duration: 1 year

    Our highly selective Houston ISD Principal Academy is a year-long residency program designed to groom high-performing instructional leaders for successful future roles as principals. Participants are full-time, paid employees within the Department of Leadership & Professional Development, providing daily opportunities to practice the skills and competencies required for leading high-achieving schools. Principal Apprentices serve in a co-principal capacity, mirroring the responsibilities of campus principals and benefiting from the guidance of proven school leaders.

    At HISD Leadership Academies, we are committed to identifying, nurturing, and developing emerging leaders capable of elevating the quality of education and supplying top-tier leadership candidates. Join us on this journey to shape the future of education and make a lasting impact on the Houston Independent School District.

    Assistant Principal Leadership Academy

    Duration: 9 months

    The Assistant Principal Leadership Academy is a rigorous 9-month development program aimed at preparing exemplary teacher leaders for assistant principal roles. Through a combination of training, mentorship, and experiential learning, participants will engage in workshops, collaborative projects, job shadowing, and networking to develop strategic leadership abilities. This program cultivates a robust talent pipeline to fill assistant principal vacancies across HISD schools, with full support during the hiring process to ensure graduates are equipped to drive impactful change.

    Teacher Leader Academy (Fall 2023/Spring 2024)

    Duration: 8 weeks per cohort

    Our Teacher Leader Academy is an 8-week transformative program designed to unleash the potential of teacher leaders within HISD. Our mission is clear: to train 300 dedicated teacher leaders by June 2024. Participants will undergo an enriching learning experience, honing both instructional and leadership abilities, and emerge ready to drive positive change in their classrooms and beyond.