• Application Form

    Any researcher conducting primary or secondary data collection must submit a research application.

    Application Fee 

    A nonrefundable application fee must be submitted prior to proposals being reviewed. 


    Applicant Category  


    Fee Structure 


    HISD Employee  


    Fee waived upon confirmation of employee status 


    Graduate Student  




    Institution or organization  




    This fee may be paid by check, money order, credit card, or EFT from the researcher, the researcher's institution, or by the sponsoring HISD department.  


    Payment does not guarantee the proposal will be approved; only that it will be reviewed, and a letter of acceptance or rejection will be provided to the researcher.  


    Submitting Application Fee    


    Please include the title of the proposed study and the name(s) of the researchers in the communication. 

    • Check or EFT Payment Logo
    • Check or Money Order 

    Mail to: 

    Houston ISD 

    Attn: Research Committee 2NW  

    4400 West 18th Street,  

    Houston TX  77092-8501  


    The proposal review will begin as soon as the payment has been received. 

    Before you initiate the research application process, please ensure that you have the following essential documents ready for uploading: 


    Mandatory Documents for ALL Applicants:  

    • 3-4 page outline of study (see checklist here)
    • Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval from supporting institution or university
    • CITI Certification 
    • Background Check (non-HISD employees)


    Required Documents (Primary Data Collection): 

    • Recruitment script 
    • Consent forms for adult participants (teachers, principals, and so on.) 
    • Consent forms for parents or guardians 
    • Assent forms for students 
    • Protocols for focus groups and/or interviews
    • Copies of surveys or questionnaires 
    • Observation schedule
    • Background Check (non-HISD employees)
    • District Sponsorship Form or Principal Permission Form (will be completed in phase two of application)

    Required Documents (non-public secondary data): 

    • List of data/data elements needed
    • Draft Data Privacy Agreement (DPA) 

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