• Data Privacy Agreement 

    Complete a Data Privacy Agreement to use or request access to individual-level administrative data on students or staff. Privacy Agreements are required to access the following:

    • Individual-level administrative data on HISD students, staff, and student-related-persons; or
    • Aggregate-level administrative data not publicly available.


    For studies that necessitate a secondary data pull, the process entails obtaining data from HISD that the researcher did not directly collect (e.g., demographics, assessments, discipline, BESS). Please be aware that data pulls for quantitative or mixed methods studies impose a demand on HISD staff time and resources. 


    To initiate a request for secondary data from HISD, a research Data Privacy Agreement (DPA) must be established with the District. If neither the researcher nor their institution has an existing relevant DPA in place, it will be necessary for the Researcher to negotiate and execute this document before that data can be shared. HISD will not execute a DPA without a District Sponsor.  


    Please contact Research@houstonisd.org for the following: most recent appropriate DPA template and User Guide and any modifications required for an already signed DPA. 


    Data Sharing Agreements/Data Privacy Agreements approved prior to January 2024 are subject to review given updates to district implementation of industry best practices.