Document Imaging Services

  • Document Imaging Services is a component of Records Management designed to convert original documents to various micro-forms and digital images. The document image technology provides effective and efficient management solutions to space utilization, archiving, and preservation of vital district records and storage costs.
    We offer the following services:

    Conversion of Paper Documents to Digital Format
    This service involves the scanning of original documents in various sizes and converting them into digital formats such as TIFF or PDF. Original documents such as Student Records, Board Services Minutes, HR Employee Files, and A/P Accounting Records are imaged on high speed scanners. Digital images can be stored online for fast retrieval and multi-user access or on CDs.

    Conversion of Paper Documents to Microfilm Format
    This service involves the scanning of original documents to TIFF image format and electronically transferring the images to 16mm digital archive microfilm for long-term preservation. Documents with a permanent retention period are electronically placed on microfilm. Microfilm has been approved by federal and state government for long-term storage and is legally admissible as evidence in a court of law.

    Conversion of Microfilm to Digital Format
    This service involves the scanning of 16mm microfilm and converting the images to TIFF format for online retrieval or PDF format for storage on CDs.

    Indexing / Data Encoding
    This service involves the conversion of information into text format (indexing) for easy search and retrieval of digital documents.

    Document Preparation
    This service involves making the documents “scan ready" before they are imaged. The document preparation process involves removing all bindings, clips, fasteners and staples, repairing paper tears, and flattening bent pages.

    Quality Control
    This service involves performing quality control checks of electronic and microfilm images to assure that they meet established quality standards and have been accurately indexed to facilitate document retrieval.