ESL and Bilingual Teachers of the Year

  • Eligibility: only educators who teach English as a Second Language (ESL) or bilingual classes (respectively) qualify to be nominated

    Nomination: begins at the campus level. Most teachers are nominated by a colleague or a supervisor, but parents and other community members may also suggest nominees (contact the principal for details).

    Selection Process: Each campus’ winner is generally determined by popular vote. Winners there advance to the regional level for consideration, where one ESL teacher and one bilingual teacher are selected for the districtwide competition. One ESL and one bilingual teacher are chosen from among the regional winners to be the district’s teachers of the year.

    Recognition: Educators are formally recognized during the Multilingual Department’s Bilingual and ESL Teacher of the Year Banquet, which occurs every spring.

    Special Notes: Educators who win at the district level often advance to the city, regional, and national levels, where organizations such as the Houston Area Association for Bilingual Education or the National Association for Bilingual Education may honor them with additional awards.