• Logistical Information for Speakers
    30-Minute Talks

    What do I need to do before I arrive on campus?

    ·         When called about a speaking opportunity, discuss with the school whether there are any particular topics you should touch on as part of your presentation. 

    ·         Think about ways you can make your presentation interactive, whether through the use of props, samples, photos, tools, interactive questions or another method.  Students respond best when they are engaged. 

    ·         Inform the school of any audio visual needs for your presentation, and ask how many students are in the class.  

    What should I do when I arrive on campus?

    ·         Park in the designated area

    ·         Sign in as a guest or volunteer in the main office

    ·         Wear your nametag/visitor identification at all times while on campus

    ·         Wait to be escorted to the classroom by the teacher or member of the school staff

    Do you have any helpful hints for speakers?

    ·         Have fun!

    ·         Be on time and follow through with your commitment.

    ·         Be interactive.

    ·         If you have handouts, materials, etc., ask the school in advance how many copies you will need.

    ·         Wear what you would wear to work (e.g. scrubs, lab coats, business suits, uniforms, etc.).

    ·         Review the sample 30-Minute talks template.  [Link to template]

    ·         Discuss the salary range for your job or others in your profession.  Students are very interested in and motivated by this information.

    ·         Tell students what they can do now to prepare for jobs in your field (e.g. intern, volunteer, shadow, special projects, etc.).

    ·         Be ready to receive shocking or off the wall comments or questions.

    ·         If you are a former HISD student, share that with the students.  Let them know that you have walked in their shoes.

    ·         Enjoy yourself!

    Is there anything that I shouldn’t do?

    ·         Don’t be judgmental about students and/or situations seen while on campus.

    ·         Don’t talk about sex, religion, and politics.

    ·         Don’t allow your presentation to extend beyond the allotted time.

    ·         Don’t stray from the focus of your presentation.

    ·         Don’t walk through other areas of the school without a school employee/teacher.