• Safe Computing
    You secure most things in your life including your home, auto and even yourself when you attach your seatbelt. So, what are you doing to secure your identity online? Most victims of identity theft don’t even realize they have been compromised until it is too late.

    Did You Know?
    • Every 79 seconds, an identity is stolen.
    • 27.3 million Americans have fallen victim to identity theft in the last five years.
    • 49% of victims were unaware their information was taken.
    • 28% of identity theft resulted from lost or stolen credit cards.
    • Identity theft has been the top complaint to the Federal Trade Commission for five consecutive years.
    • Victims spend, on average, 600 hours recovering their identity.

    We Can Help...
    HISD IT Security has prepared a list of resources to protect the identity of you and your family. Remember, your identity is your most important asset, so it is your responsibility to protect it.