Analytics for Education (A4E) Dashboards

  • Information Assessment and Analytics

    A4E enables educators to monitor critical performance indicators from a variety of sources in a single location, enhancing their ability to identify early warning signs and hidden growth opportunities, and helping to ensure that all students avoid failure and reach their full potential.  It empowers users and promotes information sharing and collaboration among teachers, principals and administrators.

  • Principal Dashboard
    Principal Dashboard
    The Principal Dashboard is designed to provide summary and detailed views of campus and student information to facilitate timely and well-informed decisions.
  • Teacher Dashboard

    Teacher Dashboard
    The Teacher Dashboard is designed to provide teachers the ability to review student performance and other relevant information such as student attendance and at-risk indicators.
  • Community Dashboard

    CSO Dashboard
    The CSO dashboard provides school and district level summarizations on key Board Monitoring System metrics for use by the CSSO, CSOs, SSOs and School Office Directors in monitoring their schools’ performance.