• Apollo 20 Fellows

    Who we are
  • Application Process
    Selection Process
    The application is your first opportunity to tell us about your experiences and interest in Apollo 20 Fellows. Before applying, do your research, learn more about who we are and find out what we look for below.
    The Resume:
    • Your resume should highlight your academic and professional achievements, along with any leadership and community involvement.
    The Cover Letter:
    • In your cover letter, you will be asked to answer questions related to your interest in the Apollo 20 Fellows Program and your understanding of the role. Make sure you answer the questions thoroughly.
    • Tailor your answers to the Apollo 20 Fellows Program, learn more about the role and what we do.
    • Have a friend review your application for spelling and grammatical errors.
    Exemplary CV
    Unacceptable CV
    The Math Skills Assessment:
    • The Math Skills Assessment is a 20 question exam consisting of 4th-9th grade level content. Be sure to mark the deadline to complete this activity.
    • When you’re ready find a quiet space without any interruptions or distractions and complete your assessment.

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