• National Junior Honor Society
     Induction Ceremony
    The Luther Burbank Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society had its annual Induction Ceremony last January 22, 2016 in the school cafeteria. After the welcome by our Chapter Adviser Ms. Amanda Vasquez, the chapter's officers were in charge of explaining to their guests the meaning of the five candles in the ceremony. Each candle symbolizes a quality all NJHS members must have: Scholarship, Leadership, Citizenship, Character, and Service.
    Our chapter officers are:
    Daisy Jasso, President
    Irene Ponce and Brandy Frausto, Vice-Presidents
    Carolina Macias, Secretary
    Genesis Lucio, Treasurer
    Stefany Marroquin, Historian
    Chapter Members:
    Nubia Aparicio, Daniel Gonzalez, Edna Gutierrez, Elva Valdes, Jaqueline Zavala, Evelyn Escobedo, Osvaldo Alvear, Yarselyn Flores, Kennedy Jones, Ashley Lopez, Emanuel Maldonado, Bhakti Patel, Gabriela Perez, Yolanda Pineda, Sarisima Valdivia, Zeim Sandoval, Seily Urbina, Ivonne Villa 
    The following students were inducted in the class of 2015-2016:
    Sixth Graders 
    Berenice Alvarado, Emmanuel Cabrera, Andrea Cortina, Jorge Garcia, Mycah Landry, Ruby Marquez, Michelle Medina, Raymundo Gallardo Mendez, Jaylah Moore, Javier Moreno, Esmeralda Nuño, Alexander Precella, Jonathan Marin Villarreal
    Seventh Graders
    Nerjes Azzam, Mariela Campos, Angel Xavier Elizondo, Jocelyn Leija, Ashley Lopez, Alexis Martinez, Daisy Nieto, Javier Rodriguez, Vianca Ruiz, Bryan Iturbide Serrano, Samantha Valdez, Dolores Vasquez, Ashley Villegas, Ernesto Rocha Villela, Gustavo Tristan, Brandy Torres
    Eighth Graders 
    Molly Contreras, Elizabeth Huerta, Karissima Junco, Zuredy Marquez, Arely Najera, Wendy Olivares, Jeremias Romero, Jose Sauceda
    After the new inductees received their pin and chapter membership card, they proceeded to sign the membership book. Once they recited the pledge, the ceremony was concluded and the new members were congratulated by their fellow members, their teachers, and parents. A sit-down dinner followed to celebrate their achievement as Ms. Carranza moved around the cafeteria taking pictures.
    The activity concluded around 8:00 pm. We would like to thank the following teachers and staff members for their valuable help in the selection of the new members as well as in helping organize the induction ceremony: Ms. Frances Cortina, Ms. Dulce Mancillas, Ms. Kynette Gray, Ms. Lucero Rodarte, Ms. Laneetra Robinson, Mr. Jared Mosley, Ms. Vanessa Perrett, Ms. Doraelia Zepeda, and Ms. Lydia Ruiz. We are also very grateful to our custodians who cleaned the cafeteria for us. Thank you all!