• National Junior Honor Society
    Honors Inductees
    Burbank's cafeteria was the setting for the NJHS Induction Ceremony last January 30, 2014. It had been transformed to an elegant dining room with blue and silver tablecloths and glass decorations. Current and new members waited nervously in the hall outside as parents, friends, and teachers made their way to their tables.

    NJHS 1

    Our wonderful staff and student volunteers had the delicious BBQ buffet ready from when the ceremony ended. At 5:30 pm, Mr. David Knittle, our Dean of Students, opened the ceremony, welcoming everyone and inviting our NJHS members to file in and take their places.
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    The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) was established in 1921. Its members strive to be the best students and citizens they can possibly be. To be inducted into the society is an honor and a priviledge and our members are aware that our school expects them to uphold the highest standards of behavior as well as academic achievement.
    There are five qualities that define a NJHS student, and these are Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Citizenship, and Character. Each one of these qualities was discussed by our officers in the following order: Vanessa Palomares, President; Melissa Mendoza, Vice-President; Adriana Palomares, Secretary; Juan Garcia, Treasurer; and Oralia Garza, Historian.
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    Before each quality was discussed, a candle was lit from the "Candle of Knowedge", symbolizing how each quality is a part of the whole person.
    After the last candle was lit, Mrs. Elyse Brown, Chapter Adviser, introduced the new members. Ms. Dulce Mancillas, math teacher at Burbank and member of the NJHS Selection Committee, called their names. As they were called, they advanced to the front to receive their pin and diploma from Ms. Mildred Rosa, our Magnet Vanguard Coordinator, and Mr. Knittle. After that, they advanced to sign their names in the "Book of Records".
    These are the new inductees:
    Shaelyn Careaga Aguilar         Ulises Alvarez
    Nubia Aparicio                        Isabell Beasley
    Josue Cardenas                       Wendy Clement
    Gisella de la Portilla                Gabriela Deleon
    Evelin Hernandez                    Giselle Hernandez
    Felix Lopez                               Mirna Lopez
    Karina Reyes                            Maria Rico-Granados
    Laura Rodriguez                     Naomi Saavedra
    Martin Silguero                       Victor Tamez
    Daisy Zambrano
    NJHS 10 NJHS 11
    NJHS 28 NJHS 30
    To conclude the ceremony, all members new and current rose to pledge the oath.
    NJHS 13 NJHS 14
    Following the ceremony and after pictures were taken, the proud parents, students, and teachers enjoyed their dinner. Congratulations to our new NJHS Members!
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