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    SCORE Program
    The SCORE/CitySmart program mission is to provide a plan to address lighting and air conditioning (HVAC) projects. Incentives are based on the amount of peak electricity demand a project saves then paid after a project has been completed.

    The HISD Energy Management program is expanding its scope to find savings in several areas. These include construction and renovation, operations and maintenance, energy procurement and renewable energy sources. 

    All energy performance contracting related to debt service will be paid back through guaranteed energy savings. HISD will continue to work with the CenterPoint SCORE/CitySmart program to identify energy efficiency projects and funding.

    The District is partnering with CenterPoint Energy and the Department of Energy to retro-commission and retune the HVAC and lighting systems at the District. This is a low-cost/no cost approach to optimize the functioning of the equipment by making sure all of the equipment is tuned properly and the proper thermostat settings are in place. The retro-commissioning will occur in schools that have relatively new equipment, less than 10 years old.

    The District expects to see a 5% reduction in energy use with the implementation of this program.

    The following schools have participated in the retro-commissioning program:  Bastian ES, Farias Early Childhood Center, Foster ES, Mistral Early Childhood Center Lantrip ES, and Twain ES.