Green Cleaning


    What is Green Seal?

    Green Seal is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding the environment and transforming the marketplace by promoting the manufacture, purchase, and use of environmentally responsible products and services.  Green Seal Certification is a process that ensures that a product meets rigorous performance, health, and environmental criteria.  
    Green Cleaning Products

    Green Seal products like those used in water extraction carpet cleaning and emulsified polymer plastic floor finishing make up more than 80% of the cleaning products used throughout the district by the custodial arm of Facilities Services - Operations.  The remaining products are comprised of disinfectants that are used in areas such as kitchens and restrooms, or are specialty products like those used to remove graffiti.  Chemical sanitizers and disinfectants that are designed to kill bacteria or pests cannot be Green Seal certified and are instead registered with the EPA.
    Green Cleaning Equipment
    FS Operation's commitment to green cleaning goes beyond the products themselves, extending to the kind of equipment the used for cleaning as well.  As such, the district purchased 65 Micro-Rider Boost machines to mechanically remove floor finish and cleaning.  This chemical-free cleaning process uses 50% less water and reduces labor to 1/3 of the time when compared to previous methods.  Adoption of this new technology is now part of HISD's ethos for a sustainable future, so every new school built in the district must use these types of machines going forward.
    As part of FS Operation's commitment to green cleaning practices HISD provides 8-hour hands-on training sessions for all new-hires every other week along with continued training via online courses.  These training sessions weaves product knowledge with green cleaning techniques into a comprehensive workshop.