Magnet Vanguard &

    Dual Language Vanguard Programs

    Burbank Middle School's Magnet Vanguard Program is one of the original three Vanguard Programs established in HISD in 1975. It serves students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, providing them with an enriched curriculum of advanced classes and electives. Our Vanguard Program is a SWAS Program- a School Within A School.


    All Vanguard Programs in HISD are Academic Programs, therefore all our Vanguard students have an advanced academic curriculum in at least two content areas: English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and/or Science. In addition, they may take the following classes for High School or College Credit:

    • Algebra I
    • IPC
    • Spanish for High School credit in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades
    • Advanced Placement Spanish (AP Spanish) for college credit
    • Principles of Informational Technology
    • Art I

    Burbank Middle School has a Dual Language Program which has been designated a Spanish Academy by the Department of Education of Spain. Students in the Dual Language Program can develop proficiency in both English and Spanish simultaneously. Within that program, there are two sections of students in each grade level who are not only bilingual, but who also qualify as Vanguard/Gifted and Talented and are served by teachers who are certified in both. On March 16, 2017, Burbank Middle school won Second Place in the Nationwide Colegio del Año Contest sponsored by Department of Education of Spain. 

    *** Please click Dual Language Program for more information about this award-winning program.

    *** Por favor oprima Programa de Doble Vía, para más información acerca de este programa galardonado.

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    Our Vanguard students can select from a variety of electives in Technology, Visual and Performing Arts, and the Humanities.

    *** Our Robotics Team Elite won first place at the NASA Space Robotics Challenge held on September 23, 2021. Our First Lego League Team, Eaglebots, earned 3rd Place in CORE Values in February 2022. Our robotics students are sponsored and coached by their teacher, Dr. Alexandra Ortiz. To learn about our Robotics Program, click ROBOTICS

    At the Space Center

    Our students put together a Burbank Show to showcase all the happenings at Burbank Middle School. This program is sponsored by our Tech Teacher, Mr. Luviano.

    ***You can check out below a recent episode of season 2, or you can view all episodes through their own section, The Burbank Show


    Students can also join the KickStartKids program, a Karate Program established by Chuck Norris and one of the first established in HISD. This extremely successful program provides our students with the opportunity to compete in tournaments in Texas and in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    *** Our KickStartKids just participated in the Southeast Texas Region 2 Fall Tournament held at Manvel, TX on November 13, 2021 and came home with more than 30 medals as well as the Tournament Champion. Click Karate Tournament Results to read about their amazing success!

    2021-2022KARATE DEMO TEAM

    There are also plenty of after-school clubs and activities such as U.I.L., Sports, Theater, Band, and Las Aguilas de Oro, our folkloric dance troupe. As examples,

    Check out our Musical Theater Troupe's participation in the UIL One Act Play Theater Competition held last November 13, 2021.

    *** You can read about it by clicking One Act Play

    Musical Theater Troupe

    Don't miss our Las Aguilas de Oro  amazing parade for the "Dia de los Muertos" during the Fall Magnet Family Night on October 27, 2021.

    *** You can watch the video below and click AMAZING PARADE to read the story.

    Burbank Middle School was selected by the National School Choice Organization to create the official dance for the National School Choice Week which will be held from January 23 to 29, 2022.

    *** Please see the video below. To read the story click LEARN THE NATIONAL SCHOOL CHOICE DANCE!

    Please go to our Activities section for more information about all these programs and activities.

    At Burbank Middle School, we make sure our students are ready for the challenges the future may bring! We offer a well-balanced education to our Vanguard Students where they can grow into the future leaders of our city and nation. We offer Magnet Virtual Tours via TEAMS. Please contact Ms. Vasquez, our Vanguard Coordinator, by calling 713-696-2720 or emailing Amanda Vasquez.




    • Robotics
    • Technical Applications
    • Media Team
    • Principles of Informational Technology

     Working together


    • Art I
    • Art
    • Band
    • Theater
    • Piano
    • Choir
    • Musical Theater
    • Ballet Folklórico*
    • Booster Band


    * After school activities


    • Spanish
    • Spanish for Native Speakers
    • AP Spanish
    • Multicultural Studies
    Las Aguilas Doradas