• Magnet Vanguard &

    Dual Language Vanguard Programs

    Burbank Middle School's Magnet Vanguard Program is one of the original three Vanguard Programs established in HISD in 1975. It serves students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, providing them with an enriched curriculum of advanced classes and electives. Our Vanguard Program is a SWAS Program- a School Within A School.


    All Vanguard Programs in HISD are Academic Programs, therefore all our Vanguard students have a Pre-AP curriculum in at least two content areas: English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. In addition, they may take the following classes for High School Credit:

    • Algebra I
    • IPC
    • Spanish for High School credit in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades
    • Advanced Placement Spanish (AP Spanish)
    • Principles of Informational Technology
    • Art I

    Burbank Middle School has a Dual Language Program which has been designated a Spanish Academy by the Department of Education of Spain. Students in the Dual Language Program can develop proficiency in both English and Spanish simultaneously. Within that program, there are two sections of students in each grade level who are not only bilingual, but who also qualify as Vanguard/Gifted and Talented and are served by teachers who are certified in both. ** On March 16, 2018, Burbank Middle school won Second Place in the Nationwide Colegio del Año Contest sponsored by Department of Education of Spain. 


    Click Dual Language Program for more information about this award-winning program.

    (Pulse Programa de Doble Vía, para más información acerca de este programa galardonado.)


    Our Vanguard students can select from a variety of electives in Technology, Visual and Performing Arts, and the Humanities. They can also join the KickStart Kids program, a Karate Program established by Chuck Norris and one of the first established in HISD. This extremely successful program provides our students the opportunity to compete in tournaments in Texas and in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are also plenty of after-school clubs and activities such as U.I.L., Sports, Cheerleading, Twirlers, Theater, Band, and Las Aguilas Doradas, our folkloric dance troupe. Please go to our Activities section for more information about all these programs and activities.

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    • Robotics
    • Technical Applications
    • Media Team
    • Principles of Informational Technology


    Students engaged in Robotics  


    • Art I
    • Art
    • Band
    • Theater
    • Piano
    • Choir
    • Musical Theater*
    • Ballet Folklórico*
    • Booster Band*

    * After school activities


    • Spanish
    • Spanish for Native Speakers
    • AP Spanish
    • Multicultural Studies
    Students working on Art projects outside. 
  • Our students enjoy the benefits of a 21st Century education. We have every facility to make possible a seamless integration of technology in all contents. Our school is proud to have:

    • 6 PC Labs with 30 desktops each
    • One Robotics Laboratory
    • 12 Laptop Carts of 30 laptops each
    • 6 Chromenotebook carts 
    • 200 Kindles 
    • 1,100 iPADS for student use
    • SmartBoards in every classroom

    We have ten fully equipped science laboratories where our science students participate in hands-on lab experiences and conduct field experiences appropriate for each grade level. 

    These are some after school activities that our Vanguard students can join: 

    • National Junior Honor Society
    • KickStartKids Karate- National Championship Team
    • U.I.L. Academic Competitions
    • Folkloric Dance Group- "Las Aguilas Doradas"
    • U.I.L. Sports: Soccer, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field, Baseball, and Softball
    • Swimming
    • Cheerleading- State Champions
    • Twirlers
    • Art Club
    • Performance Band
    • Musical Theater
    • Robotics- Sponsor of The Lonestar EARLY Tournament

    At Burbank Middle School, we make sure our students are ready for the challenges the future may bring! We offer a well-balanced education to our Vanguard Students where they can grow into the future leaders of our city and nation. Come and see for yourself! For more information, please contact Ms. Vasquez, our Vanguard Coordinator, by calling 713-696-2720 or emailing Amanda Vasquez.